Transfer Your UK Pension to Australia

Transfer Your UK Pension to Australia

Azari are the experts in transferring your UK pension to Australia


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Key Benefits

Peace of mind

gain the option to provide your spouse or family members with a legacy if you were to pass away as opposed to receiving reduced pension payments from the UK


gain the ability to have more control over how your retirement funds are invested for your future


once the UK funds are transferred and you are retired, you will have flexible access to the funds via lump sum and/or regular withdrawals


once your UK pension funds are transferred and you are retired, you can enjoy tax-free investment earnings and income


Eliminate Currency Risk

within the past 20 years, the exchange rate between Pound Sterling and Australian Dollars has fluctuated more than 45% which doesn’t help you plan for an effective retirement if your UK pension payments can drop in value by 45%.
There are also potential risks and other considerations involved which highlights the importance of receiving specialist advice tailored to your personal situation.


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